Posted by: citrusemma | March 26, 2008

Blemish Relief – Teabags

Have a blemish or pimple that you’re tempted to pick? Tea’s tannic acid absorbs oil from pimples.

Saturate a teabag in warm water and press on the affected are for 10 minutes.

Posted by: citrusemma | March 25, 2008

Superdrug Aloe Vera Mud Mask

Looking for a Mud Mask that really cleans your face? Today I tried Superdrug’s own brand- an Aloe Vera Mud Mask.

Masks should clean deeper than any soap and water can, and this product definitely did! My face feels refreshed, and definitely cleaned deeper!

It is only £1.99, and can be bought from the Superdrug website or instore. (UK only, methinks)

Just massage the mask into your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes! Rub off with warm water.

If you have oily or combination skin, it is a good idea to have a weekly mud/clay mask! However, if you have dry skin, you should be careful not to dry put your skin.

Posted by: citrusemma | March 24, 2008

Toning Lotion

Rosewater softens skin and Witch Hazel tightens it. This mixture can be kept in a bottle and makes skin look and feel more toned and tighter.

  • 3 spoonfuls rose water
  • 1 spoonful witch hazel

The amounts can be varied if you keep the same ratio, but for greasy skin, use one less spoon of rosewater. (2:1)

Posted by: citrusemma | March 24, 2008

Night-time Hand Care Routine

If you have dry hands, apply vaseline/petroleum jelly on them before you go to bed at night and put on cotton gloves.

In the morning, your hands will be beautifully smooth!

Posted by: citrusemma | March 24, 2008

Add life to limp hair

This method helps add volume to dry, lifeless hair.

Put a few spoonfuls of coconut oil in the hair, massage, and wrap a hot towel round the head for about 30 minutes. Shampoo normally..

Warning: This may dull blonde hair so is better suited for darker hair colours.

Posted by: citrusemma | March 24, 2008

Home Manicure Routine

Before you start to self manicure your nails it is extremely important that you put any metal tools in an antiseptic solution for 10-15 minutes to kill bacteria.

1. Remove your old nail polish thoroughly!

2. File your nails from side to side, either left to right or right to left! They should be oval shaped.

3. Buff the surface of the nail

4. Soften your fingers by soaking in cuticle cream, warm, soapy water or by leaving on petroleum jelly.

5. Gently push off the loose cuticles

6. Apply the nail varnish, from the top to bottom in soft sweeps. If you are applying colour, apply 1 layer polish, 1 layer clear varnish, 1 layer polish, 1 layer clear varnish. If applying clear varnish, apply 2 or 3 coats, leaving time to dry in between.

7. Clean up any extra polish from skin with some tissue or cotton dipped in nail varnish remover.

Posted by: citrusemma | March 24, 2008

Natural Deep Conditioner

Use a good quality mayo!

For a more natural deep-condition, put good quality mayonnaise on your hair, and leave on for 30 minutes- 1 hour.

Remove with a lemon or vinegar solution, and make sure all the smell is gone! This will leave your hair glossy and shiny!

Tip: Cover your clothes, or wear an old t-shirt as mayonnaise can discolour.

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