Posted by: citrusemma | May 19, 2008

Cosminology-Revolutionary Mineral Makeup

I’ve found a new online store, selling what is one of my latest loves at a reasonable price- mineral makeup!

Mineral makeup lets your skin breath, and looks much more natural- it gives your skin a subtle glow. Cosminology is a well-organized, simple site that sells mineral makeup.

However, that’s not all! The site also sells skin shields and creams to prevent your skin from againg and protect you from skin damage. You may know that skin damage is a topic I feel very passionate about- it is so easily prevented! Cosminology’s Solar Eclipse™ allows women to protect their faces from sun damage while hydrating!

The site also has some amazing “Before & After” photos that show how well their specially formulated products work!



  1. Cosminology looks like a pretty good website. I’ll take a look more into their products.

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  3. I am always searching for brand-new infos in the WWW about this matter. Thanks!

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