Posted by: citrusemma | April 8, 2008

Packages through the post

After being away for nearly two weeks, I recieved two exciting looking packages through the post…

Everyday Minerals- 10/10

One was some semi-matte mineral powder foundation from Everyday Minerals. I heard about their free samples of foundation from another beauty blog, but I couldn’t find the place where the free samples could be redeemed. However, due to all the brilliant reviews I’d read about them, I bought some small compact powder in fawn. I have to say, the large range of shades means “fawn” was the closest match to my skin that I’ve ever seen.

The foundation really does make your skin “glow”. It stays all day, and it is not noticeable that you are wearing it, whilst it still gives you amazing coverage.

The powder was cheap, only $5.00, but the container was very small, and I can imagine myself using it up quickly if I use it every day. On the other hand, I need very little powder per appliance!

The powder isn’t very thick, which is why it feels so natural, and almost luxurious on your face.

One powder can be used for eyes, skin, cheeks, which is brilliantly cost-efficient and finally, there are only four essential ingredients! Which are free from “oils, plastics, fillers and talcs and other beauty destroying, cancer causing chemicals found in designer and supermarket brands”.

Also, as the ingredients are “non-comedogenic”, they don’t clog your pores and will never cause you to have blackheads or other blemishes!

So, not only does Everyday Minerals look and feel great (I’ve tried!), it won’t harm your skin or your health! The only thing thing that might put me off is the packaging- a cheap-looking, plasticy purple lid with the logo on. I guess you just can’t have everything…

Glow by J-Lo – 10/10

I never really thought I’d be the type who buys celebrity makeups and wears them every day. But soon I will be.

I sent off for a sample of J-Lo’s new frangrance Deseo, not expecting much. But with it, I received “Glow”, which must be the most beautiful frangrance I’ve ever smelt.

One word to describe it all? Romantic.

It smells like roses, soft cotton jumpers, wood, amber…

If I can, I’ll definitely be buying this- and it can be worn on special events in the evening. It’s just such a beautiful fragrance!

Click here to find about Glow by J-lo.

Deseo by J-Lo – 9/10

Deseo also came in the package, the original sample I ordered. I made me visualise a luxurious deserted island, beautiful houses made with bamboo, and so on.

I’d definitely wear Deseo in the summer- it is fruity and tropical, but sensual at the same time!


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